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Courier to USA from India

Send Courier to USA from Mumbai: Unique Courier

Are you on the lookout for the best international courier services from Mumbai? If so, Unique Courier is the leader in the field. Backed up by over 20 plus years of experience in the area, we are experts in taking care of all your delivery needs in the USA. We are one of the leading courier companies delivering courier to the USA from Mumbai. We provide solutions for all your logistic requirements where parcel, baggage documents, or household items, food items such as pickles, dry foods, sweets, and many other dry food items packed with care then dispatched on time.

What makes our Services Unique?

We go the extra mile to serve our customers.

We deliver all types of food items in addition to religious and worship goods like temple carvings, stones, materials used for building temples. We also handle unaccompanied baggage as well as extra luggage during international moves. We are here to serve you with everything from dry foods such & pickles to liquids or machine parts that need transporting without delay! We take care of your unmanned bags while moving abroad or when migrating families can't be present themselves at the time they're being shipped off, so we will make sure their stuff reaches them on time every single day.

We are experts at handling different documents.

While other Courier Companies might not be as expert in dealing with documents like maps, advertisements, books, and greeting cards, we are experts at it! Our delivery service is also highly efficient, so we ensure they'll arrive at their destination within a timely manner too! With us on your side, you can rest assured that the highest levels of precision will be used when handling these different types of items.

The most reliable courier company for deliveries to the USA from Mumbai

We are a reliable courier service provider, and we offer many services for your luggage. Our company can deliver parcels from India to the USA quickly at an affordable price with our fast network of couriers bringing it right where you need them in time. You can also book excess baggage through us that will be delivered safely just on time!

Avail of the most advanced Consignment System

We can understand our customer's concerns when it comes to tracking their consignment. It is in line with this we offer the most advanced online tracking system. With it, you can track your package at all times by using a unique consignment number. You will know precisely where it is and what's happening with the details on our website! So once the consignment is booked, you will have accurate real-time tracking of your consignment.

You can avail of Customized Services to meet your specific delivery needs

We add a touch of personalized services with customized solutions specifically targeted to meet your exact delivery needs. We genuinely value all our customers and always strive to deliver the very best at all times.